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I enjoy to watch my dogs solving various unexpected situation. I am proud that they always went through with all obstancles and they have never let me down. This was also the reason, why we could not miss trying such a popular activity as agility is. We tried basic elements of this sport during The second gathering of catahoula leopard dog owners in Strašín in April 2005. Later, during August, we took advantage of testing our dogs at agility camps in Větřkovice and Opava. Four years old Crawdad's Toledo showed me that it is never too late to start with him. Moreover, I was pleased to see my two months old Hollandia running through a strait or turned tunnel with a great enthusiasm. I hoped that training agility would be easier and more fruitful in her case, because we could start from the same beginning.

I have no ambitions to compete in this sport, because I am very busy and there is a very little time for everyday training, but agility seems to be a good means for socialization and learning dogs of good behaviour particularly among other ones. In the future, you can utilize elements of agility when teaching your dog to get over various obstancles in more specialized training or employment. Nevertheless, agility is not probably the sport, where catahoulas would be shinning, because of their natural desire for independent work. However, agility is much more interesting and promising in the case of our Australian Cattle Dog Bluespirit Seven of Nine, who is very enthusiastic about this activity.

I can recommend agility training to all who want to play with a puppy and learn themselves and their dogs how to work together. It surely helps to socialize a dog and makes it more attached and obedient to its master. And it is important particularly for our strong catahoulas.

Author :
RNDr. Helena Synková CSc.
Ing. Gerhard Stein


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